The Test Description Language (TDL) standards and the TDL Open Source Project (TOP) continue to evolve. The roadmap below is intended to provide a perspective for users and other stakeholders on the future directions in the development of TDL and TOP and direct potential contributors. The roadmap is not fixed or binding beyond planned and ongoing funded activities in the short term. It is open for proposals and items on the roadmap may be changed or discarded according to the ongoing needs and developments.


Year TDL TOP Methodology
2021 Standardise a default TDL TO/TD textual syntax (indentation based) (reqs on syntax to be discussed) Support for tabular data values specifications in TDL specifications (to be covered also in TDL) Elaborate a defined way to derive TDs from TOs; provide guidelines for a semi-automatic workflow
Extensions towards parameterizable test objectives and re-usable events in TDL-TO TDL execution engine to support RESTful API testing Req solicitation for testing of AI systems (self-adaptive systems)
Language features to better support RESTful API testing using OpenAPI– t.b.detailed (extension or base lang.) Support of OpenAPI for data type specs in TOP  
2022 Besides functional tests, test specification support of further testing kinds such as stochastic tests (endurance and performance), adaptive tests (of intelligent systems), security tests (attack patterns) etc.
Elaborate on an execution semantics for TDL specifications to provide direct execution of TDL specifications, e.g. within a containerized architecture
Methodology + guideline for interoperability testing of AI systems (self-adaptive systems)
2022+ Provide an approach, based on model transformation and meta-modelling, to map TDL specifications to arbitrary general-purpose language
Methodology support and tool support for reverse engineering of TDL specifications from structured data (e.g. TDL)