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The TOP project has been created to grow a community around TDL the test description language. The language is specified by ETSI Methods for Testing and Specification committe (TC MTS) as an independent, extensible testing language.

You can find more information about ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) at and the information and work program of TC MTS here.

The governing rules are decided within TC MTS itself.

TOP Governing groups

Project lead (PL)

This is a small group of people from from TC MTS and ETSI CTI that deals with:

  • Providing project timeline and roadmap,
  • Ensuring IP compliance of code base,
  • Deciding on TOP roles assignement.

Steering Group (SG)

TOP Steering Group is formed by the people in the TDL Steering Group. Its tasks:

  • To coordinate TOP's technical activities
  • To provide guidelines for future development
  • To resolve conflicts at technical level
  • To guarantee neutrality from contributors

Advisory group (AG)

The Advisory Group for TOP is ETSI TC MTS itself. Decisions regarding TOP are taken at MTS meetings, held usually every 3 months. The advisory groups goals are:

  • To set the policies of the project
  • To make administrative decisions
  • To coordinate marketing efforts

Find out how to participate in TC MTS.



  • Browse and download code base.
  • Join the mailing list or forum, access to wiki


Same as user plus:

  • Create a new issue / bug report
  • Provide bug fixes as code patches
  • Create new feature requests
  • Provide code and tests for new features
  • Contribute to the TOP wiki

Anybody is welcome to contribute code and ideas to the TOP project. To do so, use our Gerrit platform and send your contributions using Git.

Find out How to contribute.


Same as contributor plus:

  • Consolidate code changes
  • Ensure software quality and validate bug fixes
  • Manage new versions and branches