We are happy to announce that the article "Test Descriptions with ETSI TDL" by members of STF 522, ETSI CTI, and ETSI TC MTS has been published in the Springer Software Quality Journal. Within this article, we discuss the latest language design enhancements and the mapping of TDL to TTCN-3, as well as results from pilot application cases in different ETSI standardisation efforts.

ETSI invites you to a presentation on "Implementing the Standardised Mapping of TDL to TTCN-3" and an in-depth tutorial "From TDL to TTCN-3" at the sixth ETSI User Conference of Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) 2018. Join us in Paris from October 16 to October 18. The conference also includes talks and tutorials on numerous other topics related to automated testing and has established itself as a meeting point for testing experts from industry, academia, and standardisation. 

We are pleased to invite you to an open meeting on the ETSI Test Description Language (TDL) and supporting open source tools (TOP).

It will take place on May 23rd, 2018 from 14:00 to 17:00 at the ETSI headquarters, one day before the ETSI MTS meeting. Remote participation is also possible.


  • Brief introduction to TDL
  • Overview of TDL open source tools
  • Current usage of TDL inside and outside ETSI
  • Discussion on community needs
  • Wrap-up and closing


Please visit the following link for registration: https://portal.etsi.org/webapp/MeetingCalendar/MeetingDetails.asp?m_id=34325

In preparation of this event we would appreciate if you find time to fill in this short questionnaire on TDL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/L7ZTMZW

We look forward to welcoming you!

On November 21st the TOP Lead group will provide an online public webinar to help new comers approach TDL and the TOP tools. Find the official invitation here.

This webinar walks the audience through the main ingredients of the Test Description Language (TDL) standardized at ETSI.

It showcases the use of TDL for designing scenario-based test purposes and test descriptions, using examples from test suites standardized at ETSI. An integrated development environment for TDL, developed as part of the TDL Open Source Project (TOP) under the guidance of the ETSI Technical Committee Method for Testing and Specification (TC MTS), will be demonstrated as means to get started with using TDL today.

View all past and upcoming ETSI webinars on our webinar page.

To accelerate the adoption of TDL, ETSI has launched TOP (TDL Open Source Project), an Open Source implementation of TDL to lower the barrier to entry for both users and tool vendors using this new language. This Open Source toolset comprises graphical and textual editors as well as other facilities. The TOP project is accessible from the Open Source page enabling users to download the toolset and to encourage contributions.

TOP toolset is developed on top of the Eclipse platform and related technologies, such as Xtext and Sirius, that are well known and developer friendly. Hosted and managed at ETSI, as of today the TOP source base is openly accessible. It is distributed under the Eclipse Public License (EPLv1).

Find more at Open Source or read the ETSI news related to launch of TOP.