TDL Open Source Project

The TDL Open Source Project (TOP) fosters the shared development and testing of contributed tools to manage TDL files, generate documentation and code.



To accelerate the adoption of TDL, TC MTS has commissioned an open source implementation of TDL in order to lower the barrier to entry for both users and tool vendors in getting started with using TDL. The open source implementation comprises graphical and textual editors, validation facilities, as well as a UML profile for TDL to enable the application of TDL in UML-based working environments.  It will be made available later in 2017 as an ETSI open source software project accessible from the TDL website and enabling contributions from the community.

The open source implementation is based on the Eclipse XText toolset to provide a set of Java libraries and Eclipse plugins to support the development of TDL specifications. Navigate the source at the git repository and find more information in the project wiki.

How to contribute

Are you a test designer, a test developer or a tool vendor? Your contribution is most welcome! Active contributions to the TDL standardisation require an ETSI membership. Any interested company can find how to become an ETSI member here.

The TOP source base is openly accessible. Its usage is governed by the Eclipse Public License (EPLv1). A source code contribution to TOP (merge request) requires adhering to EPLv1 and signing a Contributor Agreement between the developer and ETSI TC MTS beforehand. Find out more about TOP governance on theGovernance wiki page.

If you have a EOL account you can log in directly. Otherwise you can register to create a new account at this page.

Find out more information on how to contribute here.

Development tools

TOP is developed using tools that are well known, developer friendly and open source.

Project governance

TOP project has been created to grow a community around TDL the test description language. The governing rules are decided within ETSI TC MTS itself. Every ETSI member is free to join. Any interested company can find how to become an ETSI member here.

Find more on the Project Leaders, Steering Group  and Advisory Group on the .